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We Specialize in organic noni Production

History of PAMEM

PAMEM S.A. DE C.V. was established in 1986 to process, commercialize and export coffee. Founded by Pedro Antonio Menjivar, a man of word and fairness, recognized for his entrepreneurial spirit, his social commitment with associates, employees and the environment.

“The natural alternative for your health and beauty made from organic noni”

The success in marketing and export of coffee created the opportunity for growth and diversification; therefore, we began working on activities related to agriculture, such as planting, processing and commercialization of rice, beans and sugar. We began searching for new agricultural products that would help enrich the diet of our customers. In 2004 we discovered this sensational fruit called Noni which complements the efforts of our company to create proactive health for everyone.

We care about selecting the highest quality of raw materials and we have specialized equipment for the Noni industry imported from New Zealand, producing at high quality standards (GMP and HACCP), we are properly authorized to process food and beverages and we count with the best trained personnel in the industry. Also, our company plants and harvest the best fruit in the central American region –according to Mr. Rick Penney, noni expert from New Zealand-. 

We are making efforts to enter the American, European and Asian market, participating in food shows and commercial trade missions in order to find the best distribution channel.

We have increased our production capacity to 132,000 liters per year. Our capacity will gradually increase each year because we have designed a plan for our cultivation areas so they will mature and begin producing fruit at full capacity in a couple of years. At the same time, we continue to maintain our process and safety protocols, guaranteeing the quantity and quality in the expectations of our clients in the medium and long term.

Our CEO, a Salvadoran businessman returned from China with broad expectations, see OUR VIDEO


Our Sense

We work for the Integral Growth of each Member of our Business Family. The rest will be added.

Our Commitment

We strive to create a work environment that fosters excellence, celebrates diversity and promotes respect. We guarantee a safe workplace built on the basis of complying with all the applicable labor laws.

Our Guarantee

To offer an integrated line of products made from the noni plant grown organically, targeting the domestic and international markets. We want to be recognized by the passion in what we do, our commitment to social responsibility and the environment.

In support of this we commit ourselves to be innovative, open minded and to generate benefits for all parties.

Social and Environmental responsibility 

Menjivar Group is committed to social welfare, strongly believes in sustainable development of society and therefore actively contributes through four essential pillars:

  1. Employment generation: through its various drafts of business Menjivar Group generates direct and indirect employment to over 200 people in El Salvador.
  2. CEDEINFA: founded to help rescue high-risk children from the medical and social problems they face living in the poorest communities in San Salvador.
  3. Don Bosco Industrial Polygon: business complex which offers young people in conflict an opportunity to study and work.
  4. Local Churches: reconstruction of facilities and cash support to families in need.
    Contribution to the Community: We contribute to the community through the generation of direct and indirect jobs. We provide agricultural technical assistance and encourage respect for the environment.
  5. Protection and Conservation of Natural Heritage: from 2005, Menjivar Group has contributed with the reforestation of more than 30 hectares in El Salvador. We are committed to preserve the environment, natural resources and endangered species that live in El Salvador.

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El Salvador, CA.

PAMEM meets the requirements of FDA regulation and safety Public Health Bioterrorism Act of 2002 of the United States of America.

PAMEM is accredited by European Community under Regulation (EC) No. 258/97 of European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 1997 concerning novel foods and food ingredients.